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Corby 99uktes.jpg (1687 bytes)

UK winter Teslathon, Cambridge 30th Oct 1999

Many thanks to Bob Golding for organising this event at the Cambridge Museum of  Technology. The steam engines provided a rather fitting backdrop for our activities! MMCs were definitely the order of the day, and we set what we think is a new unofficial British record of 82" sparks using Mike Tucknott & Brian Le Page's MMC coil. Then the breaker tripped and all the lights went out!
New! There are now some  AVIs and frame sequences of stuff exploding.
See for more info on UK teslathons past and future.

Bob Golding's coil

bobcoil.jpg (42943 bytes)

Steve Crawshaw's coil. Note steam piston in background!

stevecraw.jpg (46295 bytes)

My coil, as usual running better than it does at home. The white vertical blob bottom right is a transformer safety gap running in "jacob's ladder" mode.

mycoil.jpg (27393 bytes)

Mike Tucknott & Brian Le Page's coil (more images at bottom of page)

mt1.jpg (43198 bytes)

(Left) Gordon Forrest's plasma globe made from laboratory flask, with flyback power supply. This was run with a vacuum pump, producing low-pressure air discharges. (Right) First attempt at double-exposure of me getting zapped - better paint the ground rod black next time!

plasglobe.jpg (12205 bytes)zapmike.jpg (16103 bytes)

When it stopped raining, I set up my 120uF 5KV cap bank outdoors. After crushing a couple of cans and  levitating a hard-disc platter onto the roof, some water (2 images below) and wire was exploded, and for an oncore, a soggy tea-bag was blown up. Fortunately it was nearly fireworks night, so the loud bangs didn't attract too much attention....

water1.jpg (7114 bytes)water2.jpg (6752 bytes)

Exploding a couple of feet of thin copper wire. This image has been edge-enhanced to highlight the shower of molten wire fragments disappearing in all directions. The loop of wire went from the terminals at bottom-right to the top of the plastic bottle & back.

 explode1.jpg (84595 bytes)

(left) Pairs of frames from two digital camera movies of exploding wire. (right) Remains of exploded wet teabag. Click here for more frame sequences of stuff exploding.

explode2.jpg (3263 bytes)explode3.jpg (3105 bytes)explodebag.jpg (3616 bytes)

Video sequence of exploding wire. Click Here for AVI movie with sound (97K) Click here for another exploding wire movie (76K)

expo0006.jpg (2937 bytes)expo0007.jpg (584 bytes)expo0008.jpg (4721 bytes)expo0009.jpg (4224 bytes)expo0010.jpg (3395 bytes)

More images of Mike & Brian's coil.

mt2.jpg (46203 bytes)

mt3.jpg (40193 bytes)

mt4.jpg (34683 bytes)

The two images below were taken with a Casio QV5500 digital camera, in 'night scene' mode, which forces a long exposure (0.25 sec I think).

mtuck1.jpg (54275 bytes)

mtuck2.jpg (41782 bytes)

Corby 99uktes.jpg (1687 bytes)


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