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Corby 98Cambridge 99

UK & International Teslathon Corby, May 29th 1999

Once again, the UK's leading high-voltage lunatics gathered together to make our contribution to replenishing the ozone layer. Many thanks to organizer Alan Sharp. Unfortunately, like last year it was a really sunny day, so lighting conditions weren't very good for spark photography, despite all that tinfoil we put on the windows! . Also on display was my 1.5KJ capacitor bank for some can-crushing, exploding water and foil detonation (but I forgot to take any photos!). See for more info on UK teslathons past and future.

A TV crew from Anglia News turned up, but unfortunately left before we got the big coils running properly.

Viv Watts' coil, with RSG (right)

viv99.jpg (15724 bytes)vivgap.jpg (15083 bytes)

(Left) Duncan Cadd's baby coil, using parallel-plate gap based on early radio spark transmitter design. (centre) Steve Rodway's coil, (right) Bob Golding's coil.

duncan1.jpg (11053 bytes)rod1.jpg (13168 bytes)bobg.jpg (14732 bytes)

Alex Crow's 2KW MMC coil.

alex1.jpg (15370 bytes)alex3.jpg (15915 bytes)

Close-up showing saltwater filter caps and main MMC cap array (blue).

alex2.jpg (15630 bytes)

The 'Frankenstein' coil, built on the day from components brought by various participants : Mike Tucknott & Brian Le Page (Primary & secondary), Alan Sharp (Transformer), Martin Dale (RSG), Steve Rodway, (Maxwell caps), Alex Crow (Very big toroid), Viv Watts (Ground point), producing sparks up to 67". (right picture), no it wasn't actually arcing to Martin's head!

frank5.jpg (14123 bytes)frank4.jpg (17022 bytes)

frank8.jpg (40813 bytes)

(right) Alex & Duncan demonstrating the sparks that could be pulled from Alex's coil about ten feet away when Frankenstein was running.

frank1.jpg (11284 bytes)frank6.jpg (9098 bytes)frank7.jpg (2906 bytes)

Martin's RSG, Mike with secondary

frank2.jpg (18312 bytes)frank3.jpg (14327 bytes)

(left) Gary Metalle's coil, (right).Ritchie Burnett's coul

ukt991.jpg (7854 bytes)uk992.jpg (8218 bytes)

lineup99.jpg (58474 bytes)

Left to right - I forgot to make a note of the names, so this is from memory - please email me if you can fill in the ?s!
Top row : ?1,Gary Metalle, Mike Harrison, Reinier Heeres, Richard Field, Sam Barros, Nick Field,'Frankenstein', Brian Le Page, Alan Sharp, Pete Greenhalgh,Alexander Sharp,Steve Rodway,?9,Martin Dale,?10,?11,Bob Golding, Chris Swinson
Bottom row : Viv Watts, Nick Slaymaker, Alex Crow, Mike Tucknott, Andrew Bullock, Dave Bullock, Ritchie Burnett
Corby 98Cambridge 99


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