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wpe37.jpg (12045 bytes)wpe16.jpg (266319 bytes)7th UK Teslathon, Derby May 29th 2004.

More images of the event from other people : Adam Horden  Derek Woodroffe

Thanks again to Martin Dale for organizing another great Teslathon.
See for more info on UK teslathons past and future.

wpe33.jpg (158104 bytes)

All pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 300D in full manual mode at ISO 1600 with either the standard (18-55mm) lens or a 50mm F1.4 lens, mostly . The latter lens was very good for tesla coil spark pics, as the wide aperture allowed a short enough exposure time to capture just a few streamers instead of the more usual 'purple mush'. Images are un-enhanced except where stated, and are in roughly chronological order.

wpe8.jpg (551538 bytes)I'd built the second tower for my Marxgen for the event, and having had no luck getting it to work in bipolar mode at home, I started off running both stages in unipolar mode. Output was a bit disappointing at about 3 feet - little more than a single tower would do - I presume this was mainly due to corona losses. (JacobsLadder-O-Phone in background)

wpeA.jpg (21189 bytes)Detail of spark from above image with contrast increased.

wpe2B.jpg (150194 bytes)Later in the day, I hooked it up in bipolar mode, and it worked brilliantly - I think the problems I had at home may have been due to the capacitance of the nearby garage door.
Sparks of slightly over 4 feet were produced, with an output in the region of 1 million volts between the two towers (less corona losses. Local sales tax may apply, YMMV....)
wpe2F.jpg (409051 bytes)


wpe31.jpg (165288 bytes)Spark detail, Enhanced to show forking streamers

wpeB.jpg (117257 bytes)wpeC.jpg (104126 bytes)A couple of examples from Mark Hales' extensive collection of neon flower bulbs

wpeD.jpg (157396 bytes)wpeE.jpg (173608 bytes)Steve Connor's OLTC

Click for high-res versionwpe10.jpg (8417 bytes)Large streamer, with detail. The edge-enhanced detail image shows the streamer rising on consecutive shots due to thermal convection of the ionised path... but it could also be camera shake, although the same effect is visible in at least one other photo.
Click on the left-hand image for a high-res version.

wpe11.jpg (69168 bytes)wpe12.jpg (13758 bytes)This one is definitely not down do camera shake, as the breakout point is clearly visible and not blurred!

wpe14.jpg (147744 bytes)wpe1A.jpg (137508 bytes)Steve's smaller OLTC. (right) Lighting an incandescent 30W strip-lamp with ground current through his body...!

wpe1B.jpg (165282 bytes)And with my other hand...!Glow that Anode..!..and on the same subject, Phil Parry spent a very worrying amount of time passing RF through himself from his VTTC....

wpe1E.jpg (172001 bytes)wpe1F.jpg (154242 bytes)Martin Dale's huge coil, completed only the previous evening, gave an impressive performance, hitting the ceiling several times - a distance of about 7 feet.

wpe22.jpg (136333 bytes)wpe29.jpg (356890 bytes)

Hmmm. I can't seem to find this arrangement in the Wiring Regs...Martin's coil was run with a pole transformer, connected via a slightly, <cough>, unofficial mains connection....!

wpe20.jpg (136442 bytes)wpe21.jpg (118989 bytes)Oh, dear... Phil's at it again, this time with a large xenon flash tube and a high-pressure sodium lamp...

wpe24.jpg (133204 bytes)wpe25.jpg (129266 bytes)And as a contrast to Martin's monster, we had Derek Woodroffe's tiny battery operated coils.

wpe27.jpg (393355 bytes)wpe28.jpg (459323 bytes)A couple of extreme close-ups of sparks from Derek's coil (50mm F1.4 with 25mm extension tube)

wpe37.jpg (12045 bytes)wpe16.jpg (266319 bytes)


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