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I'm sure that like me, many electronics people have had problems with how to store small numbers of SM parts for development/prototyping use, in such a way that the right value can be easily found without digging through a box of dog-ends of tape with barely legible (if any) markings.....

The plastic sheets used in things like SMD Resistor development/lab kit binders are ideal, but these seem to be unobtainable seperately. I even investigated the possibility of getting some made, but tooling costs were pretty high.

However I chanced upon something that is the next best thing - at a photographic store, I found some plastic binder pages used for storing 35mm negative strips. Although the pockets are somewhat wider than ideal, they are cheap and readily available, and make a pretty good solution to the problem of storing small quantities of many different SMD parts in strips of tape.

The ones I used were from Jessops (UK) - UKP4.49 for 25 sheets, each having 5x2 pockets. ref. JES35NS4A

For shorter strips of parts, plastic pocket-sheets for kids' trading/baseball cards may be suitable.


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