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Interesting old technical books online

GE Glow lamp manual. 1963 book on applications of neon bulbs, plus datasheets on GE neons

millcover.jpg (133378 bytes)

Contents contents_cover.pdf (620K)
Chapter 1 - Physics & Characteristics of Glow Lamps chap1.pdf (2.2M)
Chapter 2 - Relaxation Oscillators chap2.pdf (3.6M)
Chapter 3 - Logic and computer applications of glow lamps chap3.pdf (3.4M)
Chapter 4 - General Glow Lamp Applications
Chapter 5 - Glow Lamp Test Methods
chap4_5.pdf (2M)
Chapter 6 - GE Glow Lamp Specifications

chap6.pdf 2.8M)

There is a book by General Electric covering applications of neon lamps & similar areas here (12MB Zip)

1964 Philips Gas-Discharge Tubes book

By Hajo Lorens van der Horst

Many thanks to Sture Nystrom for scanning this very comprehensive book on all aspects of gas-discharge tubes.

Content File (right-click and do "Save target as..." to save)
Contents list and index Contents.pdf (800K)
Chapter 1 - Physical Principles : The Gas (types,pressures), Electronic Emission, Ignition and extinction, The Discharge plasma, Types of discharges ch1.pdf (3.5MB) (Incudes contents list)
Chapter 2 - Construction : The gas filling, The cathode, The anode, Other electrodes,The envelope ch2.pdf (3.1MB)
Chapter 3 - Hot-Cathode rectifier tubes : Low-voltage tubes, High voltage tubes, Mercury vapour /arc rectifiers, Tungar rectifiers ch3.pdf (2.5MB)
Chapter 4 - Thyratrons : Triodes, Tetrodes ch4.pdf (3.1MB)
Chapter 5 - Cold-Cathode tubes : Diodes, Surge arresters, Ionisation tubes, radiation counter tubes, geiger tubes, tuning tubes (tuneon), counting tubes (dekatrons), indicator tubes (nixies) ch5.pdf (5.5MB)
Chapter 6 - Mercury cathode tubes : Ignitron, Excitron, sendytron ch6.pdf (3.5MB)
Chapter 7 - Photocells with gas amplification ch7.pdf (1.3MB)
Chapter 8 - Special tubes : noise tubes, plasmatron, neutron generators, physical constants, list of "-tron" devices ch8.pdf (2.5MB)

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