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Some wierd-looking military computer boards I picked up on Ebay a few years ago - I'd love to know what these came out of - if anyone recognises them, let me know!

Thanks to Jim Lanzafane for the following info :

Memories... Thats hardware I designed in the 1980's. It is part of the Military Vax Computer system (MILVAX). We took DECs full size multi cabinet VAX computer, repackaged all the electronics into hermetic ceramic surface mount devices, and double sided conduction cooled modules, all in a USAF ATR chassis. It ended up in everything from JSTARS aircraft, US Space shuttle payload experiments, and missile silos. I will look and see if I have scans of the original sales material and email you. Still have the prototype modules and unpopulated PCBs. And YES, VERY EXPENSIVE, even in 1980s dollars..

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Thanks to Woods Group Devon for these pics of the Vax 860 chassis that these boards went into.

Check out their Ebay shop For all sorts of other wierd military electronic stuff!


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