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A place for those little oddments that don't really go anywhere else...

Looks like those nice people who make big yellow polyethythene gas main pipe have noticed that Tesla coilers are using their pipe to make coil formers - they're now making it with built-in windings..!

wpe45.jpg (130433 bytes)


Ok, it's actually a heater for welding sections together, but it might be fun for someone to stack a few of these together to make a 'pre-wound' TC...

Mmmmm ...Electric confectionery

wpe46.jpg (31151 bytes)

wpe1.jpg (217670 bytes)

Spotted these in a shop recently Here's a link to the maker, but all in Spanish.

..and from the same maker, power cables


Spaghetti time

I recently had to dismantle some of my PC setup to rearrange shelves for two new 21" TFT monitors - the wiring was such a mess I just had to take a photo...

wpe1.jpg (109402 bytes)


From a TABS market research survey form ......

internal.gif (2523 bytes)

...does this mean MS are now shipping Back Orifice with their browser?

and from the same form...

which.gif (3520 bytes)

No 'other' box ? Obviously Mac, Linux etc. users are less significant than the difference between Windows 3.1 and 3.11.

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