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Ever been curious about what's inside that latest piece of high-tech electronic stuff you just bought, but been too afraid to venture inside?  Ever taken something apart but not been able to put it back together again?  Well now here's your chance to look inside stuff from the comfort of your own PC without invalidating your warranty!

I've always been fascinated by what makes things work, and I simply cannot bear not to know what's inside any high-tech gadget. Fortunately I've also got pretty good at putting stuff back together again so it works again afterwards! I thought other less fearless people would be interested, so I decided that from now on I'll take pictures of the insides of everything I dismantle and put them on the net.
More stuff will be added to this page as and when I acquire it, or get time to re-dismantle stuff I've already got.
This area is dedicated to stuff that's not meant to be taken apart - everyones seen inside a PC, that's boring!

Stuff I've taken to bits
(and managed to put back together again, honest!).

Teardown videos on Youtube - new stuff will probably be added here as it's easier....
Owon HDS3102M-N Handheld oscilloscope Vintage Dynamco 1964 digital voltmeter NEC video projector
Casio HBX-100 'PC-Unite' databank watch

 USR Palm Pilot

00113009.JPG (290387 bytes)56K PCMCIA Modem 00120007.JPG (269662 bytes)Philips Low-energy bulb
00106035.JPG (346403 bytes)Ericsson GA-628 Cellphone 00326017.JPG (308602 bytes)Sony Vaio PCG-C1XN notebook philgsm.jpg (12555 bytes)Philips Genie Cellphone 00928011.JPG (222402 bytes)
NISIS Quickpix digital camera
(aka Aiptek PenCam)
front.jpg (85229 bytes).Philips Expanium MP3 player 99329004.JPG (226967 bytes)
Coherent Lasercheck power meter.

wpe42.jpg (258707 bytes)Canon EF zoom lens

wpeE6.jpg (15250 bytes)Owon HDS2062 portable oscilloscope
wpeE7.jpg (14952 bytes)Logitech Squeezebox Duet controller & Receiver wpe2E7.jpg (154971 bytes)TI Pico Projector dev kit wpe15.jpg (210833 bytes)T-962A reflow oven Samsung LCD TV - curious football references on PCB....
wpe2A.jpg (25898 bytes)Amazon Kindle 3 wpe54.jpg (180077 bytes)Velleman HPS140 Pocket Oscilloscope    

Inside other people's stuff

HackFurby Everything you ever wanted to know about Furby's internals, including a schematic!
Inside various stuff At Howstuffworks.com
Polaroid SX70 camera With complete disassembly instructions.
Silicon zoo microscope photos of silicon chips, showing designers' doodles...!
Amd Athlon CPU module At Tom's Hardware Guide
Various Minidisc players Detailed description and pictures
Sega Dreamcast
Several SLR cameras and a Camcorder In French
Sony Aibo virtual pet
Toshiba Libretto PC Links to pics on Japanese site
Gameboy Colour
Digital Demise "Home of the hardware hacker"....
xxx25.com 'Hardcore' electronics from the twisted pair!
The Silicon Graphics refrigerator Putting something else inside stuff...
Compaq iPAQ
Nintendo GameCube Another GameCube
Inside lots of GSM cellphones
Motorola Iridium satellite phone

Wireless LAN PC Card

Stuff inside other stuff..... And now for something completely different.......

Do you know of any other sites with pictures of the insides of electronic or other technical stuff ? Please let me know and I'll add a link to them.

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