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smgeis.jpg (1129 bytes)smphoto.jpg (1089 bytes)Assorted electric glassware

20th Century Electronics B12H Gieger-Müller tube, used for measuring radiation levels.

gm2.jpg (12565 bytes)

Mullard MX124 Gieger-Müller tube for liquid samples

gmtube1.jpg (7608 bytes)

Mullard IOG12 ionisation guage. Used to measure vacuum - the end is sealed onto the vacuum system, and the vacuum is measured using the electron flow from the filament to the other electrodes.

ionis.jpg (12142 bytes)

00107004.JPG (225253 bytes)sunvic.gif (32943 bytes)Sunco 'Sun-Vic' Vacuum switch contactors. Diagram on right is from 1936 Sunco catalogue.

More Sun-Vic pages from Sunco catalogue, listing types, prices etc.

Various vintage resistors ('Grid leaks')  and vacuum capacitors (condensers). Advertisment for Ediswan vacuum resistor

glassbits.jpg (22912 bytes)

gap3.jpg (5370 bytes)vacrelay.jpg (7592 bytes)< STC K25/2L Vacuum capacitor (6½" x 2½" dia).

Measures 25 Picofarads, probably rated about 20KV.

> Cathodeon vacuum relay

Glass packaged quartz crystals
xtals.jpg (9472 bytes)

Weston voltage standard cells - these were used to provide a fixed 1.019 volt reference for calibrating voltmeters. Now obsoleted by semiconductor reference devices.

weston.jpg (18068 bytes)

Array of 6 Weston cells in nice Perspex frame (made by Eppley Laboratory Inc, Newport R.I.) - anyone else think it looks like a bomb, or have I been watching too many action movies ? On second thoughts, maybe not - it hasn't got that oh-so-handy beeping countdown display!

westbomb.jpg (23285 bytes)

wpe14.jpg (20350 bytes)Thermal time-delay relay, make unknown.

smgeis.jpg (1129 bytes)smphoto.jpg (1089 bytes)


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