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Links - Valve and Vintage electronics.

Museums & Events featuring vintage electronics
Amberley Museum UK UK Industrial Museum near London. Excellent range of radio, communication and electrical exhibits, incorporates SEEBOARD museum of electricity. Open March-October.  Well worth a special trip from the London area if you're into old technology.
Cambridge Museum of  Technology UK Steam & industrial museum, with a room of electrical exhibits, including a working Mercury Arc Rectifier
Museum of submarine telegraphy UK Excellent site covering early undersea comms technology.
Whipple museum of the history of Science UK
National Vintage Communications Fair Annual event featuring vintage radio, TV, communications, valves etc. at the NEC Birmingham
Deutsches Museum and Siemens Museum, Munich. The huge Deutsches Museum in Munich has a wide range of electric stuff, and daily high-voltage demos . When in Munich, also don't miss the Siemens Company museum , with a wide range of historical electric stuff, and entry is free!
Electrokinetica UK based electrical museum
Jeff Behary's Electrotherapy Museum (online) Lots of pics of Geissler & Crookes tubes, plus highly dubious 'medical' devices!
Obsolete computer museum (Online)
John Jenkins' Vintage radio & scientific apparatus Museum of early TV technoloy - I especially like the eidophor - a highly ingenious large-screen TV projection system used from the 50s to the 80s to show live events in cinemas. More info on it here
Valve Manufacturers, suppliers and data
PV Scientific reproduction Geissler & discharge tubes, & other scientific stuff.
Crowthorne Tubes UK valve supplier
Ask Jan First German Valve supplier
Vacuum Tubes Inc US Valve supplier - wide range of types
Bull Electrical UK supplier listing some old valves
Raedek UK supplier of modern and obsolete high-power valves, thyratrons etc.
Micronetics Valve supplier
Halfin Valve supplier, with online purchasing
Electron Tubes for Industry Valve supplier
Triton Electron Technology Manufacturer of thyratrons, klystrons and other power products
Sources and data for Nixie Tubes
Valve & Tube supplies UK based source of vintage and repro valves.
Valve data archive Including thyratrons, x-ray tubes and radiation detector tubes.
Lots more data on valves, thyratrons etc. at Tesla archive
Frank's Electron Tube Pages Online datasheets and partnumber cross-reference data. Lots of valve/tube data sheets, mostly European types.
Greenstone Supplier of valves for industry, broadcast etc.
Valve collections etc.
Hans-Thomas Schmidt's valve collection In German - try to translate. Lots lof links to other valve sites worldwide. Huge German collection, including many very rare and antique types - this must be one of the biggest valve collections anywhere!
National Valve Museum Huge UK collection, indexed by number and function
Kilokat's Light Site Antique & unusual light bulbs
Jeremy Harmer's valve collection UK based collector with some unusual stuff
E.Tedeschi Lots of vintage stuff, including Marconi, Sinclair, Transistor Radios and tons of links
Tubepeadia Lots of unusual valves & CRTs.Worth trekking all the way through for some real gems!
Tubedata Swedish site with lots of  antique valves, nixies, CRTs, magic eye tubes and loads more.
Nostalgia Down Under Info on valves & other interesting vintage stuff "The Ominous Valve is the Faberge egg of the New Millennium. The present belongs to the tired and passe. The future belongs to us. " 'Nuff said!
Tube Collectors Association
Bill's vintage tube site
Reverse Time page
Nixie collectors discussion group Popular group for discussing everything nixie - lots of designs and data in the files area. Interesting site covering various aspects of vintage technology
British Vintage Wireless Society UK society dedicated to the preservation of vintage TV, wireless & retated stuff.
World of wireless Radio history
Computing history archives Reproduction Edison and Victorian light bulbs
History of the E1T counter tube

Links - Tesla coils and high-voltage stuff

Tesla Coil Builders of the UK Info on UK based tesla coilers and events. Australian Tesla & HV site
Tesla Coil Mailing List THE source of information on building Tesla coils.
The Arcstarter "Most anything homemade, dangerous, electronic, or politically incorrect! "
HV Community forum A place to discuss all things high voltage
Jochen's High Voltage Page Tesla coils, Marx generators & other fun HV stuff.
Museum of Electricity  
Tesla links On Bill Beatty's science website
Teslamania Bert Hickman's page featuring Tesla Coils and Coin crushing
HV Experimenter's handbook Lots of info on HV topics
Teralab High-voltage experiments, evaporating metal, fun with plasma
Extreme Electronics Lots of info on solid-state tesla coils, including several tiny coils
Cooking with High Voltage Hilarious!

Links - science etc.

Lateral Science Read about the Victorian Tesla coil, how to electro-plate a lizard, and the "Young Man's Book of Amusement" Hilarious - essential viewing!  
Science Hobbyist  
Professor Sprott's Physics demonstrations  
Edinburgh Engineering virtual library  
The Ig Nobel prizes awarded for research that cannot, or should not, be replicated
Science made stupid  
Engineering humour  
Sam's electronic bookmarks The ultimate list of electronics links

Links - miscellaneous

LED Museum History of LEDs and reviews of LED lighting products (torches etc.)
Krypton neon Lots of neon sign info
Guy Marsden Lots of very cool electronic artwork
Guru's Lair  
Official Darwin Awards Contributions to evolution by people exiting the gene pool in spectacularly stupid ways. 'Hardcore' electronics from the twisted pair! "Things to make and do", including DIY lava-lamps, cheap neon supply, dangerous chandaliers, extreme shampoo, a USB turd and other fun stuff....Essential reading - hilarious's Science club Fun and stupid science experiments......
UK Radio rally dates
Hobbytron Supplier of electronic kits, gadgets etc.

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