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smallcd2.jpg (1317 bytes)Tesla coil photos

Newest pics are at the top of this page. If you want to see and hear a tesla coil running, check out the AVI movies on the UK Winter 99 Teslathon page

spark2.jpg (36735 bytes)I had a lot of trouble getting the exposure right due to the light source reflecting off the toroid, so I sprayed it black!

Sparks up to about 18"

coil3.jpg (16322 bytes)

crt1.jpg (18164 bytes)A couple of old oscilloscope tubes lighting up on the coil.

grassware.jpg (21605 bytes)Keep off the grass!


coil2.jpg (30129 bytes)Spark discharges about 14" long

coil1.jpg (21810 bytes)Corona streamers from a couple of knife blades.

The red hue is the result of using an incandescent lamp for illumination.

smallcd2.jpg (1317 bytes)

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