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smhifi.gif (937 bytes)Mike's CD Jukebox

All my CD's are stacked into the 1000 disc jukebox which I built a couple of years ago. It consists of eight Sony 100 disc autochangers and a recently added 200 disc player, connected to a control box of my own design (slim black box at top of picture). The whole thing is controlled from a radio linked remote control, containing a database of all the CDs in the system, which are selected by turning the large scroll knob. Update - It's now been upgraded with a new Sony 300 disc changer to a capacity of 1300 discs....

How it Works

The signal from the remote is received by the control box, which then sends the appropriate commands to the correct player, and routes the digital audio signal from the player via fibre optic cables to DACs (digital to analogue converters) connected to 3 hifi setups around the house. There is also a remote display box which shows the track number and elapsed/remaining  time information, which it extracts from the digital audio (spdif) signal coming down the fibre.

The CD database is loaded into the remote control by plugging it into a PC, although it is possible (but tedious) to edit it on the remote.

I was originally considering the possibility of selling the control system, but never really had the time to do the extra work to make it a manufacturable product.

Photos of CD Jukebox and remote control.

cdjb2.jpg (15689 bytes)

cdrem.jpg (15105 bytes)

And for those of you like myself who like taking the lids off things...

cdcon.jpg (21752 bytes)

cdrem1.jpg (23803 bytes)cdrem2.jpg (26687 bytes)

cdrem3.jpg (15923 bytes)

smhifi.gif (937 bytes)



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