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smallmyst.jpg (1332 bytes)smbbm.jpg (1826 bytes)Vintage calculators

A few old-ish calculators I've accumulated.

Tons more old calculator info & links Here.   HP calculator museum


cd80.jpg (11030 bytes)Olympia CD80

Japanese made for German Olympia company. Based on Texas TMS0122 (1972) , with a ton of transistors to drive the display, which consists of a seperate vacuum flourescent (VF) display tube per digit. Impressive modular construction, the back coming off with a single coin-screw, and the boards unplugging. The keyboard uses reed switches, with a magnet on each key. This is my favourite due to the wonderfully 70's space-age styling.

cd80in.jpg (13061 bytes)

sprem.jpg (8270 bytes)Sperry-Remington Model 661D


A Japanese made 6-digit model using seperate VF display tubes. Decimals are limited to two or no places. Based on Hitachi HD32154P chip, with an NEC display driver. An unusual quirk of this unit is that it displays zeros using only the bottom half of the seven segment layout.

More info on this model here

apf.jpg (9768 bytes)A.P.F Electronics Mark VII

Texas Instruments TMS0132 based, using a single 8 digit VF display tube. Interesting on-off switch - slide the button and the display cover pops up to reveal the display and turn it on! Nice 70's chrome styling!

busi.jpg (9255 bytes)Busicom Exec 80-DC

From the company for which  Intel designed the 4004 processor, this device is based on the Texas TMS0105 chip, and uses seperate VF digit display tubes.

Others : Left to right, Sharp Elsimate EL-8005S, Casio Pocket Mini, Commodore 796M

calcs.jpg (20912 bytes)

smallmyst.jpg (1332 bytes)smbbm.jpg (1826 bytes)

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