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smallglass.jpg (1038 bytes)smnix.jpg (1345 bytes)Photoelectric Cells

I have a lot of datasheets on photocells and photomultipliers from RCA - details here

Light-sensitive devices, commonly used for playback of optical film soundtracks, as well as industrial light sensing and measurement.

Manufacturers' Supply Co. IRV4A(4" h.), Cintel 2VA395(4" h.), Osram CMG20(3" h.), CV2134 (1.5" h.) - this had a surprisingly recent date of 1982 on the packaging. Original Advertisments for these devices

photo1.jpg (7723 bytes)photo2.jpg (8564 bytes)photo3.jpg (6099 bytes)00824004.JPG (223010 bytes)

Tiny 1P24 cell, 1.5" high, Western Electric 3A (4" high), Unknown, Sylvania 350/PALA G20KE

wpe36.jpg (42345 bytes)99803001.JPG (245591 bytes)photo4.jpg (4673 bytes)99804001.JPG (265791 bytes)

Cintel GS17  Osram CM8, Baird VA26, Cintel GS46, Valvo 150AV (2.7" high).

photos.jpg (12293 bytes)00A15005.JPG (248904 bytes)

Advertisment for photometer tube containing photocell and amplifier valve in the same envelope.

Selenium photo-resistive cell, with box

selen.jpg (4662 bytes)
selbox.jpg (8414 bytes)


Highly sensitive light detecting devices, used for specialist applications like spectrometry and high-performance image scanners (although semiconductor devices have now replaced them)

Two fairly modern tubes, RCA 4879A, EMI 9656A (both are about 6" long)

pmult1.jpg (10941 bytes)pmult2.jpg (17956 bytes)

EMI 9592G photomultiplier (5" long)

99804005.JPG (301584 bytes)

Very cute litte Hamamatsu R1463-03 photomultiplier (1990), with AA battery for scale. Probably from a colour scanner, as it was mounted on a small assembly with two others.

tinymult.jpg (13320 bytes)

RCA JAN931A (1940s), with data.

mult1.jpg (7885 bytes)pmcct.gif (40622 bytes)

Camera tubes

wpe36.jpg (57468 bytes) EEV P8041 Image Isocon. Pictured with Varo 8065 image intensifier, which was fixed to the tube face. From X-Ray equipment.


smallglass.jpg (1038 bytes)smnix.jpg (1345 bytes)

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